I had a best friend.

Who, was my sister in a different life.

I loved her.

Grateful for the moments we would spend together.

Basking in each others company, characters & differences.

We grew up.

She went to live her life.

As I did, mine.

I continued to love her from afar.

Allowing her to spread her wings.

I suddenly stopped being a witness to her unfolding life.

And was forced to accept,

that i may never, during this lifetime, set me eyes on her face.

Occasionally, I dreamt of meeting her again.

Just so i could see her face.

And, she mine & all the love I still held for her.

With no hope of finding her.

I prayed for her safety, success & peace.

Allowing her to become a memory.

I passed her on.

In the hope the univers would be as kind to her, as it has been for me.

My sister.

My love for you, will never fade.

By Ravinder Menon

Instragram : bindermenon

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