The Black Lives Matter Movement


Access to Healthcare, Education, Housing




Basic rights that should be afforded to ALL regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, colour of skin, status in society or wealth.

It ‘s no longer acceptable to say that our actions are not racist or to dismiss inequality by remaining silent & turning a blind eye.

If we & our immediate loved ones witness &/or benefit from inequalities and limited rights being afforded to people from certain communities then we all need to pull back and question ourselves.

There has to be a conscious effort to start with our own behaviours, thoughts, judgements whilst living in our communities, amongst our families & friends. To be honest with ourselves in recognising the facts, sometimes the failures of our communities and other times the successes.

I hope that we can, all, just start treating others as Human Beings, as though they stand as a brother, sister, uncle, aunty, elder in your own household. Recognising individual as characters & personalities unique and irreplaceable.

It is disheartening to witness the present societal imbalance that exists globally, one that is so powerfully negative individually & collectively. An imbalance that can no longer be ignored but needs to be tackled by each one of us so that hopefully we can eradicate these injustices that have been allowed to continue for decades.

This is the time to change, as individuals, families, communities & organisations so that we ALL benefit as a society moving forward.

By Ravinder Menon

Instragram : bindermenon

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