Lockdown = Time = Opportunity = Give yourself a chance.

Is this not the perfect opportunity to learn about ourselves. It seems all our usual habiots are being thrown out with the trash and were left with the bare bones of our character. Yet, we’ve unlearned who we truly are.

In the UK it has been 7 weeks in lockdown, I’ve learned over this time that i have needed each and every day available to me. It has been such a precious time. I have dreamed of undertaking or practicing new skills but have never had the time to act upon it, usually due to lack of time & the pull of other commitments. Many of my commitments are no longer relevant or watered down so that hey take so much less time so now i have been able to fill my time in progressing myself, so that when lockdown lifts i have the ability, skills and knowledge to develop my life, including my work into exactly what i want. It has been a revelation. The things i used to say i just cant do, suddenly i can. That is what this time has given me & i for one will use it to my advantage.

By Ravinder Menon

Instragram : bindermenon

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