I have sat, listened & absorbed all the craziness that has been unfolding…..we don’t know exactly what we are facing and the long term effects upon ourselves, our loved ones & communities.

These are certainly unprecedented times, ones which we have no control of, however, we do have control of our behaviours, responses & how we choose to treat each other, during this global crisis.

So I pray were sensible, calm, & lucid in taking some simple steps.

I’ve grown up in a household where my mum used to repeat, she could not afford to take time off if we were sick. So there were some measures that she enforced in our home that were automatic, all aimed at keeping our immunity levels high:-

Eating freshly made meals cooked from raw foods.

Drinking warm water throughout the day.

When stepping in the house, washing not only our hands but our faces & changing our clothes immediately.

No outdoor shoes to be worn in the house.

Mentally, it is so easy to get absorbed in the horror of what were witnessing, so i say pull yourself away even momentarily.

Listen to the music that makes you want to dance, read that book that inspires you, reach for the yoga mat, sewing machine or start cooking. Do whatever puts a smile on your face and stay committed to the daily practice so you feel like your not just getting through.

And finally stay together, stay connected, show a little kindness to yourselves, your loved ones and all in your communities, that means still donating to food banks. Take this time to clear out your wardrobes and donate to charities.

So my love goes out to you all, stay safe, healthy & positive, this time will pass.

By Ravinder Menon

Instragram : bindermenon

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