Life doesn’t always give us the opportunity to follow paths we choose or knowing where certain paths lead. Our perception is that these journeys will be littered with difficulty, asking too much of ourselves!!

Sitting in my chemo chair in 2018 i was all smiles, i hated every minute of what was happening to me but in my gut i knew that there was a plan for me and ultimately this was MY journey.

Our life experiences offer such intricate insights, forcing the essence of our Beings to new unimaginable heights. They, whether it be in all their glory or despair, determine our stories.

So rather than being fearful, worried & anxious, i’ve learnt to wholly accept, the good and the bad. Staying focused, calm & positive throughout has allowed me to take each day, each experience with confidence knowing that, however difficult it may seem, its all good, I will come through having experienced the real fullness of my life.

At the end of each experience theres’ an undeniable realisation that its all just a process, a period of adaptation and commitment to something initially un-welcomed, unwanted but ultimately rewarding, rather than just a struggle!!

From one to another I do hope that whatever your path is, you find the rainbows that await you and taste the sweetest joy of knowing how capable and talented you truly are.

There can be no rainbows without the clouds, i know its cheesy but it is a natural fact that i feel is important to relay to you all.

By Ravinder Menon

Instragram : bindermenon

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