Stress….and those that give you stress.

ONE; Get away from them… far as possible. 

TWO; Don’t absorb the stress, either being forced or offered. 

It sounds so simple, i used to think how can it be that simple. It really is that simple, recognising it and simply not allowing that stressful circumstance or person to absorb into your physical or mental well being, keeps you away from stress.

That’s not to say that you don’t recognise it, of course open your eyes to the situation, environment, people and every other stressful circumstance, but then just let it go.

Don’t other think it, play it over in your mind, dissect it, re-evaluate, question yourself & others, just accept it as being in existence, let it go and move forward knowing there will be a solution, an answer that will come in time, being worked up, is just not worth it.

Stress is a killer, it seeps into our very Beings and slowly holds such power that it alters peoples mindsets, behaviours. reactions, thoughts and physical well being.

There is always a choice, a choice to welcome & incorporate that stress into our daily lives or to simply combat it by remaining clam, lucid & content.

I can hear it now, calm, content when faced with financial disaster, illness, or a really rough difficult few months. We have all been there, i have repeatedly, then i realised me and my sleepless nights & driving myself crazy would not change a thing. So when i became sick i put a different spin on it, in my own mind i just accepted that this awful disease happened to me for some reason, i didn’t know why, at the time, but i wanted to open my arms to it, even greet it. Suddenly i regained a sense of control, clarity of mind and a certain peace that it was and will be ok.

In that state your able to grab the opportunity to change your life, move forward, progress & learn whats sitting there waiting for you.

Now whatever happens, whether its regarded as good or bad, i automatically say its a blessing, that situation will allow me to step up, use my mind, consider my options and use my strengths in order to evolve. Bad news for me leads to a shrug of the shoulders and getting on with the rest of MY day.

By Ravinder Menon

Instragram : bindermenon

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