New Years Day 2018

I’m not going to lie, 2017 was not the easiest of years, either physically or emotionally but it was a good year, in that 2017 shone a bright torch on my life.

2017 was the year that I threw my hands up in the air and said, give me anything, I will deal with it, not like a withering fearful wreck hiding away but with dignity and grace & in the full light, for all to witness.

I learnt to live for the now, in the moment, each day. This is the golden but simple advice i offer to all, but failed to live by,  until, of course, pushed, life will & did happen. I held not a fragment of power to halt or change it, it left me with no choice but to accept, cope & allow it to evolve me, that is what i have done this year. The result, rewarding and exciting for my future & the time that has been graced upon me.

Maybe, it’s the experience of being in your forties, it should be the experience of ALL, young & old. Allow your time spent,  to be rewarding, satisfying, exciting or inspiring, ranging throughout the experience of all your tasks, menial or otherwise. 

I write my blog on the first day of this year with the hope that i will be writing for the rest of the year with readers happy to read what I write. I have no expectations for 2018 and I’m already aware of challenges that I will face & excited to see them through with strength & clarity.

Enjoy your time everyone and Happy New Year !!!

By Ravinder Menon

Instragram : bindermenon

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